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Give your sales team the confidence that a full creative department offers

Lutum provides all the creative marketing services needed to support direct sales teams. We specialize in developing effective organic growth strategies that lead an ever-evolving digital landscape to ensure the online presence of our customers stays unique, impactful, and memorable.

All your creative needs


Brand Management

Whether you’re a medium-sized organization with an established presence or a start-up developing your online identity, Lutum's got you covered.

  • Unforgettable brand identities, logos, colors, fonts, and iconography
  • Easily shareable brand guidelines for partners and press to feature your organization
  • Unwavering consistency with your organization's brand identity across all platforms.

Web Design & Development

Showcase your organization in the light it deserves. Lutum designs, builds and proactively manages user-friendly websites that lead your clients on a seamless journey through your story, services, and solutions.

  • Creative and technical craftsmanship via Figma and Webflow
  • Intuitive content management systems
  • Forms that funnel leads into your CRM
  • Technical integrations for job boards, LinkedIn streams and more
  • Password protected pages for gated content.

Content Creation

Empower Your Sales Force: Convert More Leads with Captivating Cybersecurity Content.

  • Sales material that empowers your outreach
  • White-papers showcasing the expertise of your company’s talent
  • Company blogs capturing your organization’s most exciting announcements
  • Infographics that simplify and visualize the complexities of your organization’s solutions and services
  • Any other design and copy deliverables - limited only by your imagination.
Social Media Management

Generate brand awareness, connect with industry professionals, discover the best talent, and engage your following with our social media management.

  • Strategy generation that aligns with your company's growth goals
  • External engagement with industry professionals.
  • Hiring promotions that attract leading talent while simultaneously showcasing your company's growth
  • Content creation for blog promotions, new hires, company event recaps, and any other update your organization would like to share.
  • Competitor analysis and benchmarking ensuring accelerated growth.
$8,799 / Month
$8,299 / Month for VOSBs

referrals earn 5% monthly

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Lutum's custom checkmark doodle. We've got you covered when it comes to digital strategies.
Brand strategy, design, and management
Lutum's custom checkmark doodle. We've got you covered when it comes to digital strategies.
Web design, development, and management
Lutum's custom checkmark doodle. We've got you covered when it comes to digital strategies.
Content creation
Lutum's custom checkmark doodle. We've got you covered when it comes to digital strategies.
Social media strategy and management
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In house creative team

$335k / yr

Brand Manager

$78k / yr

Graphic Designer


Technical Copywriter


Web Developer


Social Media Manager


Lutum’s Team

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In-House creative teams

- This can be costly

In-House Expenses

Hiring, training and HR not included

Brand Manager

$78k / yr

Graphic Designer

$56k /yr

Technical Copywriter

$60k / yr

Web Developer

$82k / yr

Social Media Manager

$57k / yr

Total: $335,000

**Totally ridiculous

Lutum's team

Tailored to you
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Our Process

(streamline results you'll love)

Make a request

“We’d like to make a new webpage for our upcoming service launch.”


Our initiative, your success

Experience seamless project management with our proactive approach. Receive instant Slack notifications and a simple method for creating and queueing new projects. Your success is ours.

1 - 2 day turnaround

Swift solutions, effective results

You say the word and we’ll start promptly, taking pride in delivering fast, high-quality results.

“We’re excited about your new initiatives! We are designing your first draft.”

in process


Are you ready to move forward? Just say the word!

pop the stack

Submit Revisions

Great first draft on this! Can you make a few changes?


Streamlined feedback portal

Expressing your ideas on designs has never been easier. Use our feedback portal to pinpoint revisions.

Deliver Project

Focus on security

We'll make it shine.

We’ve made those revisions and resolved the comments. If it looks good to you, we’ll push the new design on the website. Congratulations on the new service launch!


Keep the Momentum

Thanks! Could you come up with a post promoting the new service offering on LinkedIn?


Let us know where the final product should live

Have you considered where the final project should live? What about who should see it? From concept to promotion, we’re here for the full lifecycle.

Spread the Word

Don't forget to share the new work with your following!

Once a project is ready to be published, your dedicated social media manager will create a promotional LinkedIn post that will drive traffic to your site.

Absolutely! Great idea. We’ll post a link to the new web page with an eye catching graphic and some inviting copy.



Thanks, Lutum!


High five!

Pat yourself on the back, then throw the next project our way. We’re ready to go.

Tried and Tested Workflow

We’ve tested all the most highly rated tools for creative project management and client relations. We’re proud of the integrations, workflow automations, and operational environments we’ve implemented to produce premium results.

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